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Kitty Langendonk &
Jim Collins

Kitty Langendonk's journey into the world of herbs and healing began in the town of Dordrecht in the Netherlands as a young Dutch girl. After her family immigrated into the U.S. when she was six they settled in rural North Carolina where she grew up.


The family lived in Arizona for several years, but eventually landed in Brevard County, Florida. Seeing that there were no herb or tea shops similar to what she grew up with, Kitty’s mom Anneke Langendonk (aka: Mrs. Mango) opened a shop with a friend in the mid-eighties with a goal of bringing medicinal herbs, teas and the wisdom of how to use them to this area.


That goal was most certainly accomplished as  Kitty’s mom was legendary as a healer and wisdom sharer for many years until her passing in 2014. Having worked alongside her mom for the better part of 30 years, Kitty soon felt the call to open a shop in her mom’s memory with an emphasis on healing others with the use of medicinal herbs.


This was the genesis for the opening of the shop “Miss Mango’s Herb Appeal" in 2015 along with her partner Jim Collins, with the name being a nod to Kitty’s mom and her legacy. As you step inside the shop and are surrounded by the scents of fresh herbs, oils, soaps, teas and more the hope is that you also feel the vibe and tranquility and compassion that was a hallmark of her mother’s shop.

Under her mother's tutelage, Kitty learned the artistry of blending herbs, the magic of natural remedies, and the importance of connecting with others through care and compassion. Jim has a background in western medicine and knowledge of the algorithms for disease treatment and medications used in such treatment, as well as an understanding of the herbs that could be integrated or used as an alternative.


Jim is a lifetime resident of Brevard County and emphasizes nutrition and physical fitness as part of the journey.

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"Kitty has always been helpful and down to earth. Jim, has been my go to when I don’t feel good.

From teas to herbal capsules they got chu! Hidden gem! Best in the area! They ship worldwide! Peace to the staff."



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